A few things you probably didn’t want to be reminded about…

september-specialsThe holidays are coming! Yes, I’m aware that we’re at that critical time of year here in the desert, when we are all wondering if summer is over, just about over or here permanently. Trust me, I understand this. We go through this every year, but the holidays are coming regardless.

So take a moment…yes, just a moment…and think about Layaway at Glendale Pawn and Jewelry. Relax, we’re nowhere near putting up the tinsel and other holiday decorations and we have no idea what we’re going to do for a holiday movie this year. (Remember our highly acclaimed holiday movie from last year? Yeah, me neither…) All we’re asking is that you take a moment to realize that this is the PERFECT time to put some items on Layaway and get the proverbial jump on the annual “Shop till ya drop” season.
Layaway at Glendale Pawn and Jewelry is easy, painless and stretches your holiday shopping dollars farther than you ever dreamed. There are no fees or interest, a super easy payment schedule and when you’re starting at -30% to -60% less than even the “Big Box Retailers”… you’re going to be somebody’s hero this year…GUARANTEED. What can you shop for? Fine jewelry, (We can also custom make absolutely any jewelry that you can imagine through our in-house jeweler) home electronics, designer purses, musical instruments…if you can imagine a great holiday gift item, we probably have it.

Pro Tip #1: Check out our September Specials by clicking –HERE–, notice the amazing savings? Well, you can put any of these items on Layaway too! Go ahead and congratulate yourself on knowing how to play the proverbial “Holiday Game” better than anyone you know!
Speaking of games…FOOTBALL IS BACK! Yes sports fans, slap on that team jersey, pour your favorite beverage, get the snacks lined up and GET BUSY! What? You’re still watching that awful television that you’ve had for years. Still no surround sound? Mocked and scorned by your fellow fans?

Pro Tip #2: We have more stunning televisions and breathtaking surround sound systems than we’ve ever seen before. We’re pretty much convinced that they multiply at night no matter how many we sell during the day. Get down here. Point at what you want. Walk out with a gorgeous television and awesome sound system for less money than you EVER dreamed. No kidding. Just do it…
There’s still a, pretty good chance that we’re going to get one last monster electric bill before it FINALLY cools off. How can I be so sure? Well, after 30+ summers here…I’ve kind of got a feeling for how these things work.

Pro Tip #3: Just remember…you can put that final gigantic electric bill behind you with a fast, hassle free pawn loan that will have you smiling as you shake a fistful of cash at the utility company. “Not THIS time you evil, no-good…” you’ll exclaim as you put that last big number into the history books. All you have to do is bring in something of value, such as Jewelry, firearms, musical instruments, iPods, iPads or almost anything you can think of as collateral, and walk out with cash in your hand!
Have too much stuff? We are also top dollar, cash buyers for all of your unneeded items!

So yes, Glendale Pawn is sure that you didn’t want to be reminded about some of these things, but rest assured that we’re all in this together and…”We’re glad you’re here!”