Now authenticating for you with Entrupy

EntrupyGlendale Pawn is the first business in Arizona to acquire a scanning device that authenticates designer handbags. The scanning is fast, simple, and accurate.

The device and the APP it uses has revolutionized the second hand designer market and created a new standard. Next time you head on to purchase a known luxury brand, you can ask for an authentication certificate. Yes, you heard right! The APP will compare the bag’s images to thousands available and will generate a certificate of original manufacture.

The process is rather simple. We take a set of pictures and submit them for review. After the images have been compared, in about 15 to 20 minutes you will have a printable certification if the product was found to be original. No hesitation, no doubt anymore. At Glendale Pawn we are always one step ahead in providing exceptional customer service to make sure what you buy is at its best quality and condition, and of course original.

Let’s get technical a bit and understand how it’s done. A high quality scanner device is connected to a mobile device through WiFi connection. With up to 260 magnification capability, a set of images are taken and compared to a database with thousands of other images to determine authenticity.


The pictures taken are not random and change from one product to another. In most cases, three types of images are requested by the APP: outer region, outer stitching, and inner logo. Through these three regions the app is able to authenticate the merchandise with 100% accuracy.

The brand Louis Vuitton is the first (and currently the only one) to have integrated the APP. However, many more are to come. This device and technology will soon become the new way to purchase second hand luxury products.

We work hard at Glendale Pawn and Jewelry to earn your trust. Entrupy is another way we’ve invested on equipment and technology to provide our clients a better service. Give us a call to ask about entropy, or come down to the store and see it for yourself.